February 24, 2012

Details A2.02

Dreary day here which is possibly payback for such a beautiful week. This morning I'm working on planning for our garden plot and getting ready to get some seeds going, watching Little Smith run around from room to room entertaining himself like a real little boy...

listening to hammering from workmen replacing some basement windows (which cut nap time short), watching snow flurries land and melt out the window...

having some tea and toast for late breakfast, contemplating not leaving the house and staying in my pajamas all day. Fridays are so sweet.


  1. we're having lots of thunderstorms and tornado warnings here today, so we're all STILL in jammies! i'm jealous of your garden planning. i have no idea what awaits us when we move, and i'm usually planning about now, too. and yay for littles entertaining themselves!!

  2. Yeah, sucky weather sucks. But sometimes pajama days are nice too. I LOVE Little Smith's moccasins! Too cute. And he looks so grown up in that 4th picture!

    1. I know he's getting so big (although a peanut for his age). That's his favorite "cool guy" pose where he leans up against a wall. So funny.

  3. Perfect weather for pjs. Stay in them. Do it!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day. I love Little Smith's outfit! So adorable. Rock those pjs, mama! That's what weekends are for!

  5. Let's see.. your little one is precious, that coffee mug is amazing, and Fridays in pajamas are right up my alley!