January 16, 2021



the last daylight of 2020

In many ways, this historic year wasn't all that different for me. I was home taking care of my three kids. We leaned on a very small and trusted group of close friends and family (could not have done it alone!). My life was in limbo, which was stressful and scary... as it has been for a while now... but suddenly most of the world was in limbo too. There were added challenges- juggling remote schooling and missing family and friends and babysitters and just missing going out to eat or going to a movie. Overall, this year was another reminder to practice gratitude; we are healthy, we are together, and 2020 was another full year of safety for us- which is all we really need. Sending love to all who have weathered this year with more and less challenges. Happy to quietly welcome the new and to take it day by day.