Welcome! My name is Lilly and this is my daily journal, a place to record and share some of my passions; photography, design, cooking, gardening, occasional DIY's, enjoying the outdoors, and most of all my life with my family. After working for a decade to build my career in architecture, I decided to shift focus towards life as a stay-at-home mama. During naps and in the middle of the night, I squeeze in design work... and I could usually use another hour of sleep. I live in the Boston area with my architect husband, our sassy little girl, and our silly five year old boy who inspired me to start this journal. We call him Little Smith (now simply, Smith) and you just might find him as irresistible as we do!

*all images found here are property of project little smith*


Occasionally readers will email me a question or two, I'm always thrilled when anyone takes the time, so thanks! I've included a few answers below.

What does the name of your blog mean? We are used to calling everything a 'project' in design culture so when we decided to try to have a baby, we called it 'Project Little Smith' and kept it going throughout the pregnancy. Little Smith is what I call my son on this blog.

Who takes your pictures? Both James (my husband) and me. Every photograph you see here is by one of us, unless otherwise noted.

What kind of camera do you use? Our main digital camera is a Canon Rebel T2i. We also still use our film camera, a Nikon F100, and even the iPhone on occasion.

How do you process your pictures? My goal is to process photos as little as possible and to get them as I want them straight out of the camera. That doesn't always work out, so I do edit in Photoshop as needed!

Where did you meet your husband and how long have you been together? We met in graduate school for architecture over ten years ago and were married in the summer of 2008.

Isn't that skateboard book cubby dangerous? This question makes me laugh. Nope, not at all. It's been in Little Smith's room for many years and he's never had any issues with it. It rolls way more slowly than his 'push cart' toy. Plus we are grooming him for the X-games :)