Welcome! My name is Lilly and this is my journal, a place to record and share some of my thoughts and interests; motherhood, photography, design, cooking, gardening, DIY's, enjoying the outdoors, and most of all my life with my three fun kiddos. I created this space when my (now almost 9 year old!) son was just a babe and I was making the transition from a career in architecture to focusing primarily on being a stay-at-home mom. Much of these entries are a reflection on my early feelings about motherhood, my own childhood, as well as simply a record of our daily life, projects, and mini adventures. 

These days, I don't find much time to update this blog, but I do continue to share pictures and thoughts on Instagram almost daily... If you follow me there then you know that I am now a single mama and a sole parent, and you can read the VERY 'high road' explanation of how that came to be here... there is much more to say and perhaps one day I will feel compelled, but for now I'm at peace with the fact that not everyone is cut out to be an activist or speak out... The children and I are all safe and happy and well now, and surrounded by support. I am so fortunate and am grateful each and every day.

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