December 14, 2011

Babes in Woods

Little Smith checking out a boulder on our hike

Things have been super busy lately with all the holiday planning and making. We still don't have our tree up and I'm in the midst of knitting hats and baking cookies and canning jellies and sauces... we'll see how much I actually pull off. With all of this busy-ness I still want to make sure to remember to actually enjoy time as a little family. One thing that Big Smith and I (and believe me I am loving that when I get to abbreviating Big Smith it's going to come out BS... hee hee) agree on is that we love to be outdoors. Camping, gardening, hiking... yes, yes, and more yes! We really try to get Little Smith out and about as much as we can in hopes that when he gets older just maybe he'll want to join us in our adventures.

Last month we hiked a trail that is right behind my mom's house. I've walked it a million times but I couldn't remember exactly how to cut across from the house to the main path with all of the overgrowth so my mom aka Granny was kind enough to blaze the trail...

... then she bailed and let us tackle the steep stuff on our own. This was also LS's first big trip in the back carrier- he acted like an old pro.

 view from the top back towards Granny's house

On the way back down LS got a little fussy. He always sleeps heading down from a hike and he just couldn't get comfortable in the back-pack. Finally he just slumped forward and passed out. It seemed to work for him even though my neck hurt just looking at it.

We finished things off with a yummy lunch. Bread baked down the street, goat cheese from the next town over, and the last of the tomatoes that had ripened off the vine on the window sill.

It was a perfect day (and also BS's birthday). As we're racing around trying to get everything accomplished this holiday season, I hope we can make time for more days like this filled with fresh air and simple pleasures.


  1. I found your blog through instagram and as soon as I looked at the first pic in this post I was like, that's mt. nonotuck (sp?) Am I right? I live in Northampton. Love your instagram.

    1. Hi Melissa! So sorry I missed this note way back when... I was just looking back at this post because we hiked here again this week and noticed it. It's actually the back side of Monument Mountain in Great Barrington. I may have already answered it on instagram, but just in case you were still dying to know ;)