December 16, 2011

All Ears

Today was a long and exhausting one that started with Little Smith's one year doctor's visit. The good news is that my concerns about him being on the small side and having no teeth were calmed, the bad news is that he still has an ear infection and apparently a pretty bad one. I felt like such a bad mommy that I had no clue that he was sick- he truly seemed happy and fine to me. The only clue was a bruise on his ear. You can see it in this picture... that dark spot. We suspect it's from him tugging it but I never actually saw him touch his ear so who knows.

So now we're on even more bad-ass antibiotics and trying to finally kick this ear infection out of our lives for good. LS screamed his head off with the shots but was pretty much fine after a snooze and we did make an appearance at the Big Smith's office party but we were all a bit cranky, tired, and hungry.

Hopefully we can get a good night's sleep 'cause tomorrow it's all about a big green Christmas tree! Since we have four families to visit (and I will spare y'all my thoughts on that) we are actually celebrating here this Sunday... so tree goes up tomorrow and when LS wakes up Sunday morning he'll have an Ikea rocking moose to great him :-)

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