December 12, 2011

Toys and Peas

We've got lots of toys.

I'm actually one of those mom's who tries limit the quantity and type of toys that we bring into the house (without being too much of an unrealistic crazy OCD person). When we go over to friends' houses I'm amazed that they have waaay more toys than we could even fit in our cozy place. Despite my best efforts it feels like everywhere I look is filling up with toys and none of them have a home.

I've kind of made peace with the big ones. Right now we have three large toys; a piano, a walking cart, and a bouncy horse... oh and that jumper-saucer thing in the kitchen too!

But all the little blocks and balls and trucks also need to live in our dining room/ play space.

I've been obsessing over getting some kind of storage cubbies and after high hopes of finding a great vintage piece we finally broke down and went to Ikea. So much for my pledge for no more particle board. We spent the entire day there including a late lunch in the food court...

...where there were surprisingly few decent looking vegetarian options. Luckily we'd packed some sandwiches. After all of this we ended up not getting anything. Nothing. We just couldn't make up our minds. But since patience is not a virtue of mine, I decided that I would go back the next day and get the typical "Expedit" shelving unit. An hour and a half of extra fuel and a strained back and bruised shin later and I had brought home my prize!

The white is more of an off-white (which is why we hesitated in the first place) and it does make me nuts but I'll get I'll get over it. I still want to find a way to personalize it so it's less generic Ikea looking- right now I'm thinking spray paint and stencils! I'll get some better photos once I'm happier with it.

P.S. After a slow start I'm trying to get better about posting. As I wrote this one however I had some peas steaming and forgot about them. Not only did they turn gray but the liquid in the bottom became this black bubbly caramel type deal. I've never had that happen before! I also burned the rubber mat in my sink when I rushed the pot over to rinse it out. I need some work on my skills as a multi-tasker.

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  1. I don't know when the toys took over my house, but they did! And they're surprisingly difficult to organize! I love my Expedit (with its baskets and plastic bins), but that only gets us so far. Good luck!