July 12, 2013

Details B7.01

a handful of scapes wild morning winds first watercolor tiny artist cambridge block party staying cool rinsing (overgrown) peas fresh squash early dinner hoarding that glowstick 

Last weekend I had been advised to 'take it easy', but wasn't yet on full bed-rest. It was blazing hot and we decided to forego the big Boston fireworks display for the 4th and head to a neighboring 'burb for a low-key show. It was a wise move, Little Smith loved everything (except the fireworks, he said they weren't scary but insisted on facing the other way the entire time?). The glowsticks and staying out extra late were the biggest thrill.

We also braved the crowds to take a dip in Walden Pond, and it was the best thing I've done all summer. I'm such a wuss with cold water that on our earlier trips I've never actually submerged by large belly. Ninety degree temperatures gave me the courage that I needed, and all the rumors about the joy of swimming during pregnancy are true. It was amazing, weightless perfection. The three of us splashed around and giggled until our fingers were so wrinkled we had to get out, then we waited twenty minutes and did it all over again. 

And now, bed-rest. It hasn't been fun, although of course I'm grateful that it's come so late and it's well worth it for our little girl. I have to actually be lying down, not sitting, and preferably on my left side. I'm also watching Little Smith who has been such a trouper and only goes stir-crazy about once a day. Pop is getting him outside too, and while I could call in the reserves, I'm still clinging to these final moments as a family of three. My blood pressure isn't great though, even at home. I have an appointment this afternoon, so depending on how that goes we will re-evaluate for next week. I made it to 36 weeks! That gives me slightly more confidence that I'm far enough along for our baby to have a healthy arrival. 37 would be even better!


  1. So wonderful that she's been cooking so well in that pretty little belly of yours. Can't wait to see her pictures grace your blog front. I remember swimming in my parents pool during mid-July and I had never been so happy. Swimming pools and pregnant women were born to be friends! ;)

  2. To swim in Walden Pond full-term with your family, what a story! I can only imagine how tough it is to be still during these last weeks and with a little one in tow. Sending you strength and patience, although it sounds like you're doing just fine. :) xo

  3. Glad you've made it so far:) Bed rest must be next to impossible with a toddler... Hoping for an easy delivery for you (but also hoping it doesn't happen for a few weeks).

  4. Your photographs always make my heart sing. Your fourth of july holiday sounds pretty wonderful in its simplicity. I'm a bit envious of your swim while pregnant. I always planned to but it never happened, glad to hear it was as incredible as it sounds. :) Wishing you lots of comfort and special moments with your fellas in these last moments as a family of three.

  5. I'm thinking of you all the time, Lilly! You've made it to 36 weeks! Come on, 37! :)

  6. Stir-crazy, what a wonderful expression! :-)

    I totally get that bed rest must be hard to manage as much as you maybe should, but I´m sure your baby is happy. :-)

  7. The photograph with the curtains billowing around Little Smith is probably my favourite one you've ever posted. What joy!!
    I am thinking of you and I can only imagine how frustrating it must be. My mum had to be on bed-rest when she was pregnant with me too. I'm not blowing my own trumpet, but she said it was worth it in the end! (I know you know that, I just can't think of anything inspiring to say. Bed-rest is completely uninspiring, I'm sure!) Are you allowed to move in to a different bed at all? I know a bed's a bed but when my mum was recovering from being poorly she was on bed-rest, she said being able to switch beds so there was a specific 'night time' one was something which stopped her going totally stir-crazy.

    Biggest well-wishes to you, Lilly.

    Flora x

    1. Thank you Flora, that picture with the curtains is actually from my phone. Just goes to show you the better camera doesn't always help :) and yes, I can move from couch to bed... and sometimes even floor. The change of scenery is helpful to maintaining sanity!

  8. Sending you all the well wishes & good vibes I've got! Best of best wishes for all of you!!!