July 14, 2013

Thirty-Six (Plus) Weeks

We are still here, hanging out, bed-resting with a 36 week and four days belly. My appointment last Friday turned out to be a non-event. My blood pressure was high (as expected), but my usual mid-wife wasn't there and the one who was filling in didn't really want to touch my case... so until tomorrow morning we wait. And then we either wait some more, or maybe medication, or I suppose induction is possible (although that's not my preference). I do worry that my blood pressure could be bad for the baby, and google always amplifies my fears. I trust my team though, and I'm confident that they're taking the appropriate precautions.

I feel this little girl moving and punching all the time, that's always reassuring. She's got some good energy! Being tethered to a reclined position does have my always busy mind in overdrive though... I tried to convince James to install plywood flooring on our screened porch. I have it all planned out and it's very doable and budget friendly... but for some reason he thinks it can wait :)

Little Smith is enjoying having pop around to play with him and take him outside. He still wants me to get 'up' and has a few melt-downs about it each day, but overall he's remarkably good. 

Thanks to every one for the sweet and encouraging words, they're the best gift and so appreciated. We will see what the new week brings.


  1. Your and your baby girl are in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. You look lovely. I'm so happy you have made it to 36 weeks and are taking some needed rest. I am positive all will be well. Take care, Jo.

  3. Take care of yourself!! I can imagine all the projects you've dreamed up during your bed rest lol-- maybe you should write down the ideas for later? Hugs to all of you!

  4. Glad to see you still have your spirits up!!

  5. Take care Lilly, you look great x

  6. Enjoy your last pregnancy moments and be safe! :)

  7. Beautiful pictures! I understand your concerns, but I hope you can relax and enjoy the last days of feeling your girl kick from the inside.

  8. Hoping this heat isn't affecting you. Stay cool!

    (and maybe I'm reading into things... but you haven't posted in a few days, so.... is Baby Smith here?!)


    1. Thank you, and no not yet! I've been using all my energy entertaining the kid and surviving the heat on bed rest, so it's been a big Internet break this week for me. Still resting here though!

  9. Hang in there, Lilly! And step away from the Google search ;) I have been there, too, with semi-complicated pregnancies and very complicated deliveries. I read something after I had my first baby, though, that gave me a lot of peace -- "you have the pregnancy/labor/birth you are meant to have, for your growth." Meditating on this enabled me to let go of how I wanted things to be and to accept what was. Wishing you much peace and a very happy delivery.