June 21, 2013

Details B6.01

peas (yes we still have a garden!) tie-dye belly color father's day breakfast farm visit texture train play baking day filthy fist of flower collection

My record keeping has been slow in this space, but in life we are incredibly busy. The weather has been absolutely perfect and we are spending as much time outside as possible. James has done his best to keep up with the garden and I am pitching in when I can, but far less than is typical. We will see what's resilient enough to tolerate us this summer. We're also enjoying lots of cooking with fresh produce that is making its way to the market, and each night I have been slaving away on the endless stencil project in the new kids' room. I am finally almost done dabbing different colored paints in little squares. There will be a big sigh of relief when I can pack away those brushes.

I know that I should really be using this time to catch up on rest, but it's proving impossible so I guess it's just not 'me'. As I've mentioned, I battle with insomnia anyway and it's definitely a side effect I am feeling in this third trimester. Despite my best efforts, I'm up at 4:30 each morning with the birds. The circles under my eyes give away my secret.

While rest is escaping me, I'm making sure to soak in lots of quality one-on-one time with Little Smith. We are quite the team, and I'm very emotional about all the changes coming our way... although they are all wonderful changes and I'm also profoundly excited and grateful.

There's so much to share here; garden updates, a DIY on our big boy bed (which I am quite pleased with, and that's rare!), lots of family outings, and a yummy roasted vegetable pasta salad that I've been perfecting. I'm looking forward to wrapping up some of the projects we've been busy with around the house and finding time to sort through photos and thoughts. 

Thanks so much to all of you who check in with us, offer kind words and inspiration, and keep me motivated to update this space... even when life gets a little hectic!


  1. Love the tie-dye belly! You sound super busy. You are a trooper indeed. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love your tie-dye belly too Lilly! Your baking looks delicious, especially that lovely bread. Life looks like fun at your place as always xx

  3. Hang in there Mama! Love the breakie in bed with Dad & the little moments you capture--

  4. That grubby little fist picture is beautiful.

  5. These Details posts are my absolute favorite. You have such a way with organizing the photos. So beautiful. It looks like you guys have been busy and having a blast!

  6. Love that tie-dye belly! Your summer looks full and lovely in so many different ways. :)