June 18, 2013

Double Rainbow

On my first day of graduate school, a few people were wearing t-shirts that read, 'Welcome to the 17th Grade'... a dubious honor for sure. Although it's now been a good while since I graduated, I still spent the majority of my life as a student, and completed a full 20 grades- yikes! 

One thing that I learned in all of these years of study is that I am terrible, awful, hopeless at gauging how much time I'm going to need to finish a project. I was the queen of consecutive all-nighters, and while I always managed to pull out something presentable, it was also always a fraction of the grand plan I had in mind. This trend held strong as I entered the working world and routinely under-estimated my billable hours, which I continue to do to this day. 

I'm at my very worst when guessing at time on personal projects, maybe it's the emotional investment. I get something in my head, it seems so easy and I brush off reasonable warnings and skeptics because I know I can do it ... and then I find myself standing on a chair at midnight, 33 weeks pregnant, only a quarter of the way through stenciling a wall after a full day's work. Oops.

So if  you need me for the next couple of days, in that small sliver of time in which I am not watching or feeding a child, you can find me with a stencil brush in my hand... fending off tears and cursing myself for those grand plans. Some people never do learn!

*James took these photos last night. We had a hail storm followed by the most intense double rainbow, pictures really do not do it justice!


  1. Lovely rainbows! I tend to underestimate the time required to complete home projects too! I rarely did the all-nighter in school though. I couldn't function after 11 p.m. My problem is I need lots of breaks. An hour's work, a cup of tea, an hour's work, a muffin break...etc.

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you, yes breaks are tempting :)

  2. Cut yourself some slack, kind lady - it will be finished when it is finished. Whether that's before or after she arrives. When she's an adult she will read this post back (maybe? two weird thoughts there, perhaps!) and wish she could time travel to reassure you that this stenciling project should just be enjoyed. I completely understand your need to tick it off, because I'm the same, but there's no need to set yourself unreachable targets. No pressure - it's done when it's done. Sleep! Surely you will be wishing for sleep in two months time with every bone in your body? :) The wall will still be there in the morning.


    1. Wise words Flora! Yes, I'm very aware that this is more for me than the kids... they would be just as happy if I didn't finish but I would go nuts ;) I'm trying not to push too hard, taking it easy during the day and napping when the boy naps, so I'm not totally insane... just half insane. Thank you for the reality check!

  3. I am the absolute queen of under-estimating & the emergency all nighter! Confidence isn't an issue-- I know I can do it {totally} but when is another story lol.

  4. We sound a little alike... :)
    Love to you Mama Smith!
    Ronnie xo