April 26, 2012

One Hundred plus Mini Moments

housatonic river favorite brick wall shoulder lift slurping spaghetti community garden kickoff farmer's market lounging crazy bedhead devouring duckie

This is my 100th post, hurray!! I realize that's not that many (and I almost didn't notice it) but none the less I'm proud to have reached this little milestone. This is the one New Year's resolution that I've managed to keep and has been such a rewarding outlet.

It's been a great motivation to organize all the pictures I take as well as my own thoughts, but more than that I so value all of the amazing women (yeah I think you're all women- where are all the dudes?) who I have gotten to know through this experience. I love catching up on all of your lives and benefiting from your wisdom, craftiness, recipes, and general brilliance!

I don't know how I survived the first year of motherhood without this support system and creative outlet. I love this space and thanks to all of you guys (err.. ladies) for all of the inspiration and the support.


  1. Right back at you, Lilly!

    Congrats on your 100th post! You have done an amazing job keeping this up. Your blog is one of the first I check on a daily basis and it never disappoints!

  2. Congrats on your milestone! I love your blog, your beautiful pictures, your yummy recipes, and your candor. Here's to 100 more!

  3. I second those thoughts. It is this online community that helps when you're covered in baby spew, haven't showered and he wants to feed for the 10th time this morning!

  4. Yay, 100th post! You have really done something you should be proud of with this blog. It's definitely one of my favs! Thank you for continuing to share your story and contributing your own brand of amazing to this community!

  5. woo, 100 posts! congrats!

    can i ask you, have you found that the amber necklace helps with the teething? olive has drooled like a tap since about 10 weeks, but now that the teeth are arriving (the 2nd one is showing it's little top as i type) i'm willing to try anything to help with drool, pain, etc. any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I do think it helps, although he's been wearing it since I first thought I saw signs of teething which as it turned out was way earlier than our late little teether was actually getting any teeth- so it's hard to say. We also have some homeopathic teething tablets (made by Hyland's) that seem to help a little. It's tough business that teething!

  6. I heart your blog. I even recommended your blog to a non-blogging friend the other day. You are something special!

  7. Yes! I consider you to be one of the "ladies" who I've connected with and whose blog I love to visit. (We don't need dudes here anyway... ;)

    Congrats on 100!