April 27, 2012

Well Worn

I never went to a school or had a job where I was required to wear a uniform, but the idea really appeals to me. I do try to have some style but I don't like to spend a lot of time considering it each day. I have favorites, pieces I wear again and again and in a way it is a kind of self imposed uniform.

Since my fantasies aren't usually about clothes (they're about housewares instead!), I don't need too many options and usually invest in a few items that might be more expensive but are higher quality and will last. My wardrobe gets tired of me way before I tire of it... and I'm very sentimental so it's always hard to part with a treasured piece.

Some people wear rain boots when it's raining. I wear mine ALL the time. I pretty much go straight from my Hunter boots into sandals. It probably isn't the best support for my feet but at least I'm always prepared for splashing in puddles or braving some mud. I'm very attached but my best pals are kind of biting the dust. The buckles are busted and now I've finally worn a hole clear through the heel which means those puddle splashes are a bit more soggy than I'd like.

So it's time for a new pair of rain boots, and for anyone else this wouldn't be a big deal but I'm a crazy person and every time I try on a new pair I feel bad for my old buddies watching from the sidelines.

Should I buy the same color? It doesn't look the same anymore and I feel like they started making them shinier and I don't know if I even like them... and anyway I think my boots are feeling bad that we're even having this conversation so really a damp heel is no big deal.

Does anybody else do this? Anyone? Yep I'm pretty sure I'm alone here but thanks for reading this love letter to my boots, maybe it will soften the blow when they finally do get the boot (ouch!).


  1. Is there a way to get them re-soled if you really love them? They are very cool, and it would be a shame to part with them if they could be made new again.

    I'm also not too into clothes, although I often wish I were better at dressing myself. I just don't get it. But the housewares! Specifically kitchen stuff. That's where my mental energy goes too.

    1. It's a good idea, i didnt think of repairing them but I think a new sole would be tough with the water seal- plus the rubber sort of breaks down after a while so sadly they may be past their prime.

  2. I dream about clothes. I LOVE dresses and skirts and am kind of ridiculous about it- instead of changing into yard work clothes, I can be found weeding and mulching in a dress and rain boots. Ridiculous. But if I changed, by the time I made it back outside my kids would be into something else, so I do what I can when I can!

    As for the boots, I would totally go for the navy or green... and I'm with you, I don't really care for the shinier ones. Though if you change your mind, they are on sale at Piperlime I believe. Or Shopbop.
    Here are the un-shiny ones:

    So cute! Good luck!

    1. Ooh thanks! See this is why it pays to follow fashion- I didn't even know the shiny was just an option! My old color was very deep eggplant which I liked cause it was good with both earth tones and black but the new version seems like a less subtle purple so I'm leaning toward green- classic right. Still not sure I'm quite ready!

      And I do love dresses with rubber boots as well but most of my dresses are 15 years old so... not exactly on the cutting edge :)

  3. Great photos, very clever, your boots are obviously well loved! Good luck :)

  4. I alway wish I knew which pieces I would fall in love with and wear for years, so I could buy more than one of them. Alas, by the time I realize they are a perfect match, it's too late to find them again! I tend to wear things I love long into repairing and repatching times. Good luck with your search!

  5. I thought I was the only one who got sentimentally attached to my clothes! Even if I'm able to replace something, I still have a hard time getting rid of the original and then my closet winds up being cluttered and I feel like a hoarder...but at least I didn't hurt my clothes' feelings by casting them off. Urg. I'm getting better at letting go.

  6. I had so much fun reading this post! Perfect! Thank you very much! I am the same when it comes to things I love. Green, go for green!

  7. I hope you can find a suitable replacement! I have a few key things that I like to wear until they're completely dead. (So sad!) I'm not very specific about brands, but I seem to ALWAYS need a pair of slip-on, comfy brown flats. And I wear them until they get holes and the sogginess becomes an issue. I love shoes, and I seem to collect many other pairs, but it's the brown flats that I wear every single day, for nearly every occasion.

  8. I DO this! I totally do this. When I was growing up I used to feel really sad to see our family Christmas tree lying on the curb come January - I just KNEW the poor tree felt abandoned and sad.

    I totally feel ya. You'll know your next pair of boots when you see them!