February 5, 2016

Sweet Snow

Our winter, so far, has been ridiculously mild. It's no secret that we are snow lovers (I even have a hashtag on instagram #smithslovesnow, and I don't do hashtags, so that's true commitment!). I always say that if it's going to be cold, it might as well snow. But here's the thing, it hasn't been cold. It's been sweater weather and muddy and downright spring-like. Even I can't complain about that. Still, when we woke up this morning to giant heavy flakes and the scraping of the plow, I felt like a little kid. A good snowfall just never fails to excite.

I layered up the kids and headed out to play. I've been noticing with our last few snow-escapades that Roo isn't quite as enthusiastic as the rest of us. She is such a trouper in general, and much more up to try new things than her big brother... but when she is done, that's it. 'I want to go inside!' usually comes far before Smith is ready to head in, and all of our efforts to change her mind are just useless. She is done.

So today I decided to take advantage of our fenced yard, and let Smith continue to play while I set up a fancy little tea party indoors for Roo. She is a true girlie-girl at heart, and it's easy to overlook her interests, because James and I are such nature-lovers. Smith's appreciation of bugs and plants and animals is so painless for us to accommodate. Princesses and unicorns and tutu's come a with a little less ease. But I'm working harder to channel my inner little girl.

I scooped up a big bowl of snow and she decorated it with sprinkles. I set out a cloth and napkins on her playtable, she was quick to add her tea set. We used our favorite berry bowls. She was overjoyed, it was so simple and really sweet to see our feisty baby girl in her element. Smith later came in from the cold and spilled sprinkles all over the tablecloth, which melted and stained it... but it was nice while it lasted.

If the snow has found you this week-end, enjoy! I am hoping for some sledding and a snowman (or maybe a snow princess ;)

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  1. what a sweet thing to do - she looks like she is having a ball in the photos. I am just having a wee peruse of your recent posts, it is nice to catch up on what you are up to!