January 16, 2015

Details D1.02

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The biggest challenge for me during these cold and dark months is just getting enough time outdoors. Some of our recent below freezing temperatures make me nervous to even have the kids out for long, and so it's just easier to plan activities inside, stay cozy, possibly head to the grocery store if we're feeling really adventurous. I actually relish this kind of hibernation, but after a few indoor days, I do notice that we are all a bit more cranky than usual, maybe even a little depressed. 

I've decided to try to walk to preschool drop-off more often, hoping to avoid those indoor blues. We got a storm cover for our double stroller, it's warm enough that Roo falls right asleep and I lure Little Smith in with a few snacks and books. He really is getting old for strolling, but he's also not up to this lengthy hike, and the scooter in this weather seems dicey. He already reported that he was bored because I was too slow and it was taking too long, so I might be the only one whose spirits are lifted after these walks.

I don't know if all four year olds are especially articulate when it comes to their emotions, but Little Smith makes proclamations on the state of his personal well being all the time. "I'm tired, that's why I'm crying. I want some space, that's why I'm making this face. I'm happy now, this is my happy face". Today he was whining about being cold and just generally in a funk, until he discovered the seed catalogue I picked up yesterday. He thought everything looked beautiful and announced, "this book is making me feel happier"... I couldn't agree more. I haven't actually started planning our garden for the spring yet, but I have been flipping through that catalogue and having a few fantasies. 

So that's been my week; getting out, staying in, thinking about growing melons and prepping for classes, which start next week. James is working like a dog and getting even less sleep than the rest of us. Little Smith is eating more than usual and recalled his first dream (about a real truck inside of a castle). Roo is learning all kind of words and is infatuated with birds (she calls them all 'chick'), her baby dolls (which have to be dressed to her liking for every outing), and her big bro's superman (simply 'man' to her). Busy yet slow, which seems just about right for the middle of January. Happy Friday!

*if anyone happens to know why that last photo has a yellowish cast online (but is much whiter in the regular file), please let me know! i've noticed it before and it usually happens when that bold blue jacket is in the shot. i tried changing to sRGB... stumped!


  1. Prepping for the semester and trying to not freeze to death here too. How many classes ya got this time around? We've been gray and snowless here, and it has been most depressing. Not my favorite winter...

    1. We are having a similar winter so far, I'm really trying to not get too down about it! Just one class for me, but it's labor intensive and I'm still in development mode (last semester was my first shot carving out this syllabus). Fun, fun :)

  2. I see your Baker Creek catalog! It is my favorite. I wish I had garden space.

  3. Beautiful light in these shots, Lilly! And that catalogue had me dreaming of spring as soon as I saw it. It's so pretty!

  4. My goodness, look at those adorable children! He does sound particularly aware of his emotions. Sweet. The photos all look lovely.


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