July 14, 2014

Almost Garden

Our garden is right on the edge of exploding. We are snatching only enough cucumbers for snacking, and patiently planning a big pickling day in the near future. We are thinning the carrots and waiting on them to grow (Little Smith just loves those tiny thinnings!). We are popping cherry tomatoes and watching the larger varieties start to blush. There's so much that should be done, the window of time is limited with baby people in tow, but our little plot is enjoyed, as full of weeds and pests as it may be. 

I love this time of anticipation, waiting for it all to take off. In a few weeks there will be giant heads on sunflowers and heavy red tomatoes, a baby celebrating her first birthday, and possibly taking some fledgling steps. I'm so looking forward to what is ahead, and truly relishing in the almost

^^^upon hearing the baby yelp, 'are you being nice to your sister?'... (long pause, then a barely audible) 'yesss' ^^^


  1. Look at W's little mischievous face in that last one! Sneaky sneaky!

    I always love seeing what you're harvesting. I wish I could get lettuces in our garden but it always gets too hot here for them to last beyond May. Lucky lady!

  2. LOL!
    What a gorgeous garden! I am beyond jealous

  3. That last picture sure tells a story. ;) Like Taby, I am beyond jealous of your garden...although too lazy to do all that work! Enjoy! :)


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