January 21, 2014

2/52 + 3/52


This week he: moved into his big boy bed! totally seamless transition, he was ready / came down with a cold and was very very grumpy / ate his first marshmallow, and reacted with 'huh...' / sat on the dreaded potty for a bit (that's an improvement over throwing it) / loved seeing his footprints in the snow

This week she: fell asleep on daddy more times than in the previous five months combined / leaned to push off a bit in her jumper / came down with a cold and struggled to sleep, but was still a sweetheart / started making these funny gurgles and sputters that sound very content


Last week he: painted two trains in preschool / discovered 'thomas the tank engine' (i tried to avoid turning trains commercial, but this is a serious love affair) / carried a sprig of white pine home from the park and asked to put it in water / didn't get upset when i left to teach before bedtime (and let daddy put him night-nights for the first time in over 5 months)

Last week she: wanted to be held and carried at all times / started sitting more confidently in her little chair (still needs to be supported otherwise) / started getting up early and spending a half hour with daddy most mornings / grabbed a spider plant off the window sill and brought it right down on her head (ouch!)

*I know I said I was going to depart from the literal portrait, but I guess old habits...in other news we are all a little sniffly this week, and some of us are handling it with more grace than others (I won't name any names!). We are loading up on black elderberry syrup and trying to stay busy indoors without completely surrendering to couch potato status. My fingers are crossed for some clear noses tomorrow.


  1. Oh no! Get better soon, all of you! The pictures are adorable, literal portraits and all-- how could you not get close up to those sweet faces??

  2. Oh geez, Lilly! You are killing me with these! They are just too sweet/beautiful. The very first (of W) and the very last (of R) are my favorites. Keep doing what you're doing... you sure are good at this project!

  3. oh, and I meant to say that I love W's reaction to marshmallows. Even as an adult, I often feel that same way when I have one!!!

  4. Gosh, you have gorgeous kiddos. Once you have Thomas in your life, there's no going back. Fletcher's growing out of trains and Thomas (sob!) but he'll still happily read a Thomas book or watch a show.

    1. The Thomas obsession grows daily! He's been into trains for a long time, but just the addition of a little gray face turned his play from vehicles into a soap opera... It's hilarious to hear him enacting these dramas :) He got three trains for Christmas and studied the catalogue, and then during a rough day I put one of the shows on the iPad and his mind was totally blown. He couldn't believe there was a whole movie about his trains! Needless to say, I'm now an expert just one month later. Glad to hear he will eventually grow out of it, I was starting to think he was a train savant ;)

  5. Awesome milestones!


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