December 3, 2013

Many Thanks

It was a whirlwind of family fun for us this Thanksgiving. My aunt and uncle were incredibly gracious hosts, as always, and I think we counted 32 at dinner so it was no small gathering. Little Smith started off shy and withdrawn (which is more and more his way lately), but by day two he warmed up to the giggling feisty boy we love. He was so excited to hang out with his cousins (which is what we call my cousins' children), and I was ever more grateful that we were able to have two kids... I can just imagine how much fun is in store for those two.

Everyone agreed that our baby girl is just about the sweetest infant ever created. I don't think she cried once in four days and she was passed around like a sack of potatoes, just smiling and munching on her hands the whole time. 

Typically I am outside for the bulk of these trips, but somehow this time I became the designated kiddo wrangler and there was lots of indoor play. I was kind of bummed not to get a good walk in the woods, but I actually didn't even think about it until we were loading up to head home (a three hour drive turned seven hour courtesy of the holiday traffic). The important thing was to get quality time with family that I just don't see often enough.

We also were able to sneak in some grown up time in the evenings, lots of chats, wine, a very tricky puzzle, and a screener of the movie Gravity (better than I expected actually!) to round the week-end out. We won't be traveling for Christmas, so we made sure to really soak it all up. When we finally made it home, Little Smith whined, 'I want to go back!", and that pretty much summed it up for all of us. A very happy holiday.

*these photos are all from my phone. they weren't the greatest and i had the added challenge of trying to select ones that respect the privacy of family members (who might not want their likenesses featured)... so i just made them black and white and somehow it works :)


  1. Glad you all had a good time, lovely pics! :-)

  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I am always impressed by how well your phone pictures turn out! Looks like we had very similar Thanksgiving experiences, and we too are staying home for Christmas. I am looking forward to baking and fires in the fireplace and just doing a whole lot of nothing. That baby girl of yours just seems like a dream come true!

  3. Whenever you share pictures from your travels there it always seems so incredibly luxurious and like quite a special place to spend your holidays.