December 31, 2013

1913 - 2013

On this final day of 2013, I am remembering my grandma, Alice. She passed away last month, four days before her 100th birthday. Our baby girl, R. Alice, enters this world in the same year her namesake leaves it, one hundred years stretched between them. May she live as long and as fiercely.

Happy New Year friends.


  1. Umm I see a lot of little smith in your grandmother's picture. Beautiful. (Also love the name, we Alices must stick together).

    1. Thank you Alice (and I see a bit of him in there too... I always think he looks so much like James, but every now and then :)

  2. What a beautiful tribute! Wow, she made it to nearly 100 years old? That's so fantastic. Happy New Year.

  3. So sorry you lost your grandma Lilly! It's hard no matter their age.

    That picture is so lovely.