November 14, 2013

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We had our first snowfall this week. It didn't stick, but Little Smith spent the morning with his face pressed against the glass, so excited to put on his boots and get out in those flakes. When we finally bundled up and made our way out, he complained it was too cold... so we'll see how this long winter ahead treats us. I'm having a few pangs of anxiety as the days grow shorter. The sky is dim by 4PM, and it seems there is so little time to get anything done.

I'm trying to take comfort in the thought of a winter without first trimester nausea. There will be time for cooking and toddler friendly craft projects, and hopefully our sweet baby will stay sweet enough to let all of that happen. I'll get to go snowboarding, we'll try to get Little Smith more comfortable on skis, there is a lot of good in a New England winter. It's a long dark season though, and I already miss our evening walks and trips to the park after dinner.

We're spending more time loafing around the house, and the kids are becoming a real pair. Our baby girl watches her brother and laughs and laughs while he jumps around like a bunny rabbit. It really is amazing to get to be here everyday to see that relationship grow. It's going to be fun when she gets moving, but I'm also holding on tight to this baby stage.

James has been working long hours plus the occasional week-end, and I actually feel like I'm managing everything pretty well. I'm certainly tired, but my insomnia just never quits. I think I must have been graced with decent sleepers (so far!) to offset my inability to ever go to sleep before midnight. Part of the issue is that the evenings are the only time I have to myself so I never want to relinquish those hours. I'm long overdue to carve out some more space for myself, but it isn't easy. Looking forward to a low key week-end, and maybe a nap!


  1. Beautiful photos, as usual. And I love how the cat got up on the couch with baby and daddy. You have a complete family going on there. :) I have to be truthful, I am dreading the winter, although I like how you are listing the positives. I certainly enjoy the Christmas season anyway. That's something. ;)

  2. We had snow last week and the kids were so excited. I don't mind snow around Christmas but could do without it the rest of the time :) I hope you get a nap! your photos are beautiful as always..

  3. I hear you on a winter without first trimester nausea! Beautiful shots as always, love the one of you and R and the one of her peeking over dad's shoulder.


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