June 11, 2013

Quite White: Shared Room

The kids' room is starting to take shape. At the moment it's very white, and while there will be plenty of color in the final product (honest!), I am actually loving how peaceful it feels at this stage. I find myself wandering in there during nap time and lying down in the big boy bed... which came out great. I'll be posting a DIY on it soon, but Little Smith loves it and if we weren't expecting guests after the new baby is born, I think we'd move him in there sooner. It's all about the wheels!

We've used lots and lots of white paint so far; the walls, the bed, and the dresser. I love natural wood, but our floors are such a warm color that often wood tones seem to clash unless they are very dark, so white it is. The dresser was in terrible shape and it is a veneer so we couldn't really sand it, plus the top is actually laminate. I would never paint a great piece of furniture, but I don't have any guilt about this one and it seems much happier with a fresh finish.

painted dresser before and after

One of the smartest decisions that we made was tackling the closet first. It was a very simple project, with cubbies above and hanging below, but I could definitely see us scrapping it now if it weren't already complete, we are getting a little worn out.

Next up will be stenciling one wall (ready for some color?), then shades and shelves and ledges and on and on... Oh yeah, and there's the other side of the room too, which sadly looks like this.

So much left to do and so little time. We are going to keep a mini office on this side of the room until Little Smith and the crib make the move in September, but it will not be a total mess- I hope.

I'm certainly feeling obsessed with getting this space done, and it's frustrating that I'm able to accomplish less and less on my own as my belly grows. I find myself making lists and crossing things off and then making more detailed lists. Little Smith arrived a month early and I was so relieved that I had everything done that far in advance. That's probably why I have an internal clock that needs to get everything done by the beginning of July, just in case. Hopefully it will make for a relaxing last month and this little girl will stay put. I'm guessing we will find plenty to keep us busy right up until the end though, even if she's good and late!


  1. It looks so sweet!! Very crisp and clean. I can't wait to see the stencils go up--

  2. This is so wonderful! I love all the sweet touches, and that dresser is lovely in white!

  3. I can understand your frustration about wanting to get this room finished up in one swoop - when I get a bee in my bonnet I want to get it all done right away because a half-complete project makes me anxious and irritable. I can imagine how that feeling must be multiplied when there is a baby taking up lodging in there soon!

    It really does look great so far though, and I love the dresser. I have one waiting in my bedroom to repaint with my mum this weekend.


    1. Thanks so much Flora, a bee in the bonnet is a perfect way to put it... I'm definately getting obsessed! It will feel so good to get it all done (the sooner the better!). Good luck with your dresser, it's always nice to have an extra hand.

  4. It looks so great, Lilly! I love the white, and I'm with you on the dresser. The finished product definitely looks more cheerful. You have been so productive this summer, lady! I hope you are also finding time to rest before your little one comes.

    I can't wait to see the finished room! :)

  5. The dresser looks great. You are doing an amazing job! Can't wait to see the end results. :)

  6. Loving that dresser - SO much better! Did you turn the handles around too? I like it. Saw your stenciled wall on Instagram and it is AWESOME. I'm coveting your closet cubby system - I would love to do that!


    1. Thanks Cortnie, we did flip the handles. We actually couldn't remember how they went (and I forgot I had the photo)... we checked them out both ways and agreed this one worked best. Then we saw the photo and had second thoughts, but I think we're just going to keep it :)