March 13, 2013


With my first pregnancy, it all felt completely unreal until about nineteen weeks. I wasn't showing, I couldn't feel the baby moving, and I was nervous all the time that something would go wrong. Once I learned that it was a boy, I breathed a little and finally connected to this person that was  a part of me.

This pregnancy has been completely different in every way. My belly swelled up almost instantly (along with many other body parts that seemed to stay put last time around). I have simultaneously felt more pregnant, with the nausea and added pounds, and had less time to think about the fact that I'm pregnant... less time to worry, less time to daydream about what it will be like when this new baby gets here, and way less time to obsess over gear and tiny clothes. I didn't expect this ultrasound to have the same impact that it did with Little Smith, but when I heard that we were having a girl, I immediately was overwhelmed with how close I suddenly felt to this baby. Wow, I'm really pregnant.

I admire those who wait until the delivery for the big reveal, but for me knowing that my baby is a boy or a girl seems to be an important piece of acknowledging my pregnancy. I would have been thrilled either way, but discovering that we will have a little girl in our lives before summer's end has given me happy goosebumps. I really can't believe it. I can't wait to meet her, to see her with her father and big brother and to watch our family grow. We all love you little girl, now if only we could agree on your name!


  1. Such gorgeous photos. I agree with you about not waiting and feel like I need that little bit of knowledge to really wrap my mind around things, to make it seem real, and to prepare. I'm so happy for all four of you (or should I include the cat and say five?). :)

  2. These are such beautiful pictures! I wish my pregnancies had been documented better.

    We didn't find out with Julian. He was a total surprise. But we did find out with Audrey, because as one of my friends put it, it will be a surprise no matter when you find out, right? So why not find out early so you can be prepared?

  3. Yay! You look absolutely beautiful. Something about these photos makes you look like a ballerina standing by a window. Happy news about your girl too, it must feel different!

  4. Beautiful photos! You'll be a great mama to your newborn :))

  5. Lovely photos! The second baby is definitely different...less time to think, as you say. So nice that you are having a girl. I enjoy spending time with both of my kids, but the girl and I have more interests in common. ;) Someone to shop and watch girl shows with. :) Jo

  6. I agree. These pictures are stunning. I also felt a very real connection to my boys each time I found out their gender. I think it helped me bond with them before they were born. So glad you are feeling the same!

  7. We didn't find out with Gus, and we probably wouldn't with any future babes, BUT I really do think knowing helps you connect to the baby. For me though the huge amazing crazy surprise at the end is worth the wait on feeling that surge of connection...sort of. Ha, I'm more on the fence about finding out while Craig is a huge wait-til-the-ender.

    You're looking so beautiful! Glad you're feeling better. Hope it keeps up!!

  8. Oh my goodness, Lilly!!!! Congratulations!!!! I am SO excited for you - a little girl!!!
    You know me - no way I could've waited either, so I totally understand.
    Seriously stoked for you. Big smile on my face right now.
    Ronnie xo

  9. i only had 1 surprise out of my 4 pregnancies with my 2nd child. it's fun but i enjoy knowing as well.

    you are looking great!

  10. Oh my, oh my, oh my!...flapping my eyes with my hands. A little girl - that is such wonderful news and you look fabulous.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina xxx

  11. You look so beautiful with that tummy! :-)

  12. It's been a while since I came to visit: so beautiful to see your baby bump! Totally identify with you: I am 16 weeks now and in total denial. I firmly believe seeing our new little on the ultrasound will finally wake me up and I can start the process of bonding. It's crazy/cool how different each one is.

    1. Congratulations! What exciting news, very excited for you.

  13. Thanks so much to you all for the kind words. I've been feeling a little self conscious about getting chubby everywhere so fast this time, so being told I look beautiful feels extra good!

  14. Lovely photos. You look stunning and so sweetly serene. Just gorgeous, mama! We didn't find out with Ezra, but I think I would want to know with a second child. The mystery was thrilling and sweet in it's own way, but I would want to know the bigger picture the second time around.

  15. Lilly, you look so lovely - you really do! Kind of like a pregnant ballerina in these pics. ;)

    I completely agree with your feeling of a stronger connection to your baby by knowing the sex - It has helped me bond with my babies before birth for sure!