December 17, 2012

Babymoon 2010 / Grand Manan

I am truly heartsick over the tragedy in Connecticut last Friday. My thoughts are with the families who are suffering, and I have been so moved by their grace and strength. There really aren't words.

I've been wrestling with my thoughts all week-end and was feeling the need for a mental escape, to just enjoy some images of a beautiful and peaceful landscape. I've been reflecting on these snapshots from our wonderful camping 'babymoon' and wanted to share them here.

The Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick Canada was always on my shortlist for places to visit, and in 2010 we decided it would make for a perfect late summer camping trip. We made our way through Maine (unfortunately picking up a $300 speeding ticket along the way that completely blew our budget- thanks Maine!), spending a couple nights in Acadia National Park and then right on the border before forging into Canada. We always seem to run into trouble at the Canadian border, I used to think it was because we looked like a couple of dirty hippies, but we were pretty cleaned up for this trip and we still had our car searched. Must have been the belly!

We boarded a ferry boat to Grand Manan Island, a detour we debated since our main destination was Fundy National Park. I am beyond grateful that we decided to go for it. This island had one of the most spectacular campsites and a landscape that I still dream about. 

Our campsite was literally right on the edge of an ocean cliff with seals and whales frolicking below. There was a wooden platform bench that I imagine would have been a great hangout for some fun camping in good weather. We had a few days of nothing but crazy winds, rain, and fog... but honestly it was just perfect. We managed to get everything set up between rain showers and we stayed dry and protected. The fog made whale sightings more tricky but was also part of the magical beauty that I remember about this place.

We spent most of our time just exploring the campground, which was full of amazing rock formations, eroded by the fast moving tides. At night we listened to French Canadian talk radio and snacked on nutella, trying to keep dry and hoping our fire would stay lit. 

On our final day we drove around the small island, exploring the lighthouses and replenishing our candy supply at the market (candy was my big craving while pregnant).

I love these pictures, James took most of them and they bring me back to this trip in such a visceral way. It was a special time in our lives and also a special place. 

If you are thinking that you haven't seen enough, you are in luck... there's more! I do have some additional thoughts and images from the rest of our trip in Fundy National Park that I'll be sharing later this week. I struggled with editing these down, and now I am really itching for a road trip.


  1. Beautiful pictures - and I agree; so terrible to hear the news. :-(

  2. I'm so glad you shared these pictures! You guys sure seem to make the most of rainy gray weather! You were the cutest pregnant lady ever!

  3. Lovely and magical pictures! I want to take a trip there now for sure! Looking forward to the rest of the pictures.

  4. Just beautiful- can't wait for more!!

    I "tagged" you in a holiday themed post-- you can read it here! to play along.

  5. Beautiful photos. You've got me itching for a grey-skied road trip as well now! Looking forward to seeing more from this lovely trip.

  6. Beautiful. I've always wanted to go to Eastern Canada... it's on our list of things to do before we move back West!

    1. And I left a comment for you on my post... XO.

  7. Looks like you had a lovely trip.. such a gorgeous landscape.

  8. Beautiful photos. So peaceful. And I admire your adventurous spirit for camping while pregnant. I think the only thing I wanted to do was lie down and eat loads of Nutella and candy. And occasionally order Wade to the store at 11pm for a steak that I absolutely needed right at that very minute. Heh.

  9. Such a beautiful place and such an adorable pregnant mama. You looked so cute. :)

  10. All the photos are so lovely. And what a spot. We have driven from Toronto to Nova Scotia many times, but we have never stopped at the Bay of Fundy, which extends into Nova Scotia. You are inspiring me to do it next time. We camped once in Nova Scotia, next to the ocean, and I found it a bit miserable because of the fog. I find when camping you need some sunshine to dry things up. Our kids were small then and that complicated things. BTW, if it makes you feel better, even Canadians get a hard time at the Canadian border. God forbid we buy a few things in the U.S. while we are there! They have got to make you pay those Canadian taxes and duties! Oh, and if you buy liquor, which is SO much cheaper in New York state, look out! You are like a criminal.

  11. Oh, wow - what a place! It's gorgeous! And what a special time for you two. You look adorable!