July 20, 2012

Details A7.01

closed road bluebird houses purple cabbage berries dinner daddy style keeping busy favorite blue ball sandal tan

This summer is moving so quickly and with lots planned for all the week-ends between now and september, I kind of wish I could slow things down. We are right now racing to get out the door and drive to my mom's... Little Smith is over-tired and cranky and frankly so am I, but during the week we have been enjoying some lazy and hot days. Our garden is so happy this year, there are a bunch of fun spray parks to splash in, and nothing is as delightful as fresh berries and fruit which we eat 'till our tummies ache. Sweet summer please stick around for a while!


  1. Looks like a perfect summer! Love that sandal tan- we all have those, too.

  2. Those fries look so tasty. And the cabbage? Yum! Your garden looks great!

    But I am kind of getting sick and tired of summer... I need my second wind.

  3. I know just what you mean. Summer needs to stick around a bit longer than usual...:)

  4. I also wish this 'hectic' summer holiday would never end ): Little Smith is cute! Your life is soooo blessed with a fruitful garden and the gorgeous Smith.