March 22, 2012

March Photo A Day: three

15car 16sunglasses 17green 18a corner of your home 19funny 20before and after 21delicious

This week I ended up *fudging* the actual days of these pictures a bit... I forgot or I wasn't home to capture "a corner of my home" or my cinnamon croissant was so insanely good that it just had to count for "before and after" as well as "delicious". I guess this is more seven photos in a week than photo a day but I'm giving myself a big fat pass.

While we're on the subject, if you ever do find yourself in western Massachusetts and you just happen to be in the itty bitty town of Housatonic, then not only will you be down the street from my "home" but you'll also never stop kicking yourself if you don't stop into the Berkshire Mountain Bakery and get a big ol' cinnamon croissant. It's probably a good thing that they weren't around the corner back when I lived there or I'd have gone cinna-crazy!

I'm still working on getting back into the swing of things after having been spoiled with Big Smith being off of work for a week. It's always more fun with daddy around and nice to enjoy some adult conversation whenever the urge strikes. Good news is that there's only two days until the week-end. Bad news is that I'm sure Big S will be so swamped catching up that we won't be seeing much of him until then. He is missed!


  1. These pictures are so great! He's such a cutie :) I would LOVE a cinnamon croissant this morning ;)

  2. Hmmm. Cinnamon croissant. Yum! These photos are lovely. That first pic is just ridiculously adorable! What a cutie!

  3. Oh, I know the feeling. When papa's around, everything is better. I'm so glad you got to spend some much-needed adult time with Big Smith. I was just telling Andrew how lonely I have felt lately with two of my best girl friends not in the picture (one is visiting relatives for two weeks, the other having a baby!). It does get rather lonely (even surrounded by little ones... or especially surrounded by little ones!). Sending you some good friend vibes to get you through to the weekend!

  4. I love the first picture a lot. Well done with all of them!

  5. Your little guy is so cute - and I love the Before and After shot!