January 17, 2012

Fun Little Things: Fancy Light Bulb

I spend a lot of time around the house these days, so I like to create little twists and surprises wherever I can to keep it interesting for me as well as visitors. I try to maintain a good balance of design and craft projects that I execute myself and also just great finds, objects and household items both vintage and new. Discovering new products is always fun, especially when they're a well designed reworking of a practical item like this low energy light bulb made by Hulger.

It works in place of any typical (type A) bulb. At about thirty dollars it isn't cheap but it lasts eight times longer than a regular incandescent bulb or about eight years. That seems like a decent value to me and just think what you save on the shade... cause you are not going to want to cover this baby!

We use ours in the very uninspired back hall. It isn't the main entrance to our house (which is the second floor of a two family) but it is the way that I enter most frequently when I'm lugging groceries into the kitchen or going to the laundry in the basement. It's a drab little area and I have plans to add some colorful coat racks. This funky light bulb is the first step to making it a more playful space to pass through. I'm loving it already!

I'm much happier coming up the stairs in the dark with a load of laundry and it's decent for the planet since it's low energy (if we can ever figure out how to deal with all of the mercury in these compact fluorescents it will be even better). Fun little thing - right?!


  1. What an incredibly neat light bulb! It really adds a hint of whimsy to your back hall.

  2. That is a really cool light bulb! I love little surprises and unexpected design elements like this!

  3. I bought one of these for my husband for his birthday, we love the design but are struggling a bit to figure out how to best showcase it. We're thinking of maybe using an old birdcage we have as a sort of pendant for it...