June 15, 2014

On Father's Day

We all love this guy to bits. He works hard, sleeps very little, and still manages to keep us giggling with a steady stream of jokes and tickles (not to mention clean up after us!). It was the perfect Father's Day treat to escape for four days of family camping- no distractions and no phone or internet. The only downside is how hard it will be when pop goes back to work tomorrow, why does the fun stuff always go by so quick?

Happy Father's Day, to all the wonderful dads and especially to James, you are loved and appreciated.

*I hope y'all have been eagerly awaiting images and musings on camping, because ready or not, lots of camping goodness coming your way this week... right after I wash off this dirt and get a little sleep!


  1. Perfect Father's Day picture! Hope your guy had a great day.

  2. Sweet picture. I think my favourite part was when you said he cleans up after the rest of you! That's what I need. ;)