June 15, 2014



Last week he: helped plant 'delicious' tomatoes in the garden and herbs on the back porch / had the first day of his two week summer camp and got to stay outside all morning / came down with 'hand, foot, and mouth' disease (it was his first time with this one and he was such a trouper we missed all the signs until he started refusing food, but we made it up to him with plenty of ice cream) / met up with his buddy at the spray park but resisted going in because there were 'too many kids'... of course!

Last week she: started repeating sounds, whispering 'hi!' after we do is the just cutest /  got a fever from her brother and was very very grumpy / refused to be put down- at all / started clapping, we all can't help but drop whatever we are doing and exclaim, 'yay!' every time she busts it out.

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  1. Nothing like a sleeping babe. How adorable! Sorry to hear that they have been ill. When my little one started daycare she was sick for weeks on end. Every infection or illness in the book. Not fun! Hope all are well now. :)