October 10, 2012

Apples Anyone?!

When people first meet me they usually think I'm super sweet and Pollyanna-ish... but it's never long before they decide that I am very cynical, intensely critical, and a million other less flattering characteristics. I think the sweet bit actually can be attributed to my dorky passion for wholesome fun... like pick-your-own-justaboutanything!
I'm a such a sucker for trekking out to pick my own fruit (in less than a year of blogging I've already highlighted blueberries and peaches). Even in our pre-kid days I would make sure Big Smith and I shared an apple picking date each fall. I always request a plaid flannel shirt (because all men should wear plaid and flannel when apple picking don't you think?) and I find it very romantic; fresh air, beautiful landscape, crisp apples, and if I'm really lucky a hay ride... ear to ear wholesome fun smiles.
This year we waited so long that it was actually pretty chilly and the apples were already off the trees and in giant wood bins for the picking. I was totally disappointed when I discovered this, selecting apples from a big box doesn't quite have the charm of plucking them off the trees. Big Smith however was thrilled, usually I take the lead with picking while he wanders and takes pictures but this time he could just peruse which apples looked the tastiest and load up.
Little Smith was a happy boy. He did his thing, which was to get very serious and treat gobbling up that apple like it was his job. He ate the whole thing and even part of the core, oops!
And the best part is that now we have a whole mess of apples, 'cause yeah I also do go all Pollyanna for an old fashioned apple pie. I may not be as sweet as I seem, but at least my pies do fit that bill.


  1. Oh, sweet with an edge is how I love people so I think you´ll fit perfectly within that description..! :-) Lovely pics!

  2. fine photographer! beautifully сморятся with apples
    With love ♥ ♥ ♥ Lenusik ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. I love how seriously Litte Smith ponders things-- very intense & very cute! Looking forward to the pie pics to come!

  4. Apples, apples everywhere! Our apple picking keeps getting put off and put off...hopefully this weekend? I've never been and every season I say I'm going to go. This is going to be the year! Also- I accept apple pies mailed north. :)

  5. beautiful photos! my favorite is the one of apples on the right and your little smith on the left.
    we go to the apple orchard each year, but haven't gone yet and its getting quite chilly here. i need to pencil it in!

  6. We're headed to a farm tomorrow for pumpkin and possibly apple-picking, although with a 7-month old, I'm not sure how much picking I'll be doing.

    I've only ever made a pecan pie with a store-bought crush (the nerve!). The fruit pies are intimidating to me! Oh, and making pie crust, too. ; )

  7. People who are all sweet are covering something up. ;) I like a person with an edge. Those are some seriously cute pictures. And, I agree with the flannel shirt bit. Of course, I spent my twenties in grunge fashions. :)

  8. Well, I have to agree with Tina Jo-- sweet with an edge is the best! I think I'm probably the same way- but maybe part of your cynicism is just the perfectionist coming out- I always find that I have an image or idea in my head and when that image goes south, it's hard for me to move forward and change directions.

    I certainly do enjoy your blog pictures and stories. Hard to believe you haven't been blogging long! You seem like an old pro!

  9. Cor! That's a whole lot of apples and I love that first shot.

    I think it's quirky to want to do these natural and wholesome kind of things. It makes us who we are.

    Nina x

  10. These pictures are so wonderful and W's facial expressions are just wonderful. He's so expressive and those beautiful eyes are just too much. I find myself a lot like you in those personality aspects. Even way long ago in high school I remember someone noting how they that I was sweet but once they got to know me they weren't so sure. Something like that. Sweet and spicy all mixed into one is not such a bad thing I say! :) Enjoy your apple-filled goodies!

  11. Oh my, how cute is your little boy!!!
    Ronnie xo