June 7, 2012

Simple Pleasures / Treats

We discovered that one sure fire way to turn a frown upside down is to give a kid his very first popsicle. I recently discovered Pinterest (fun! as if I needed another online distraction), and I saw this recipe for a healthier fudgesicle. So easy and very tasty, the coconut is wonderful and we made ours with peanut butter for extra yum. We thought Little Smith would just have a taste but quickly realized he was going to finish this thing. Do not attempt to separate a boy from his popsicle.

And while the adults did also enjoy these fudgesicles, a tough day demanded a slightly stronger treat.

There's no recipe to share here; vodka and anything we could find in our fridge. Neither one of us knows much about cocktails (usually more beer and wine drinkers) but since we were catching up on some Mad Men it just seemed right. Smiles for the whole family.


  1. Nothing better than a popsicle in summer! (except for a cocktail while watching Mad Men)

  2. Haha! Looks like a good time was had by all in attendance {just adore his little chocolate bliss smile}. I just ordered some Popsicle molds, can can't wait to try this recipe out!

  3. He is SO adorable enjoying his popsicle! I too would be happy with the vodka drink and some episodes of Mad Men! Sounds like a perfect night!

  4. he looks like that popsicle is the best thing ever! it looked really good too.

    i have also just discovered the joy of pininterest. i have an account myself too, but haven't started anything. i think it just seems like too much effort at the moment!

    i dig those classes....so cool.

  5. He, he, he! So cute! I love Little Smith's chocolate mouth! We'll have to try these out... the popsicles AND the cocktails.

  6. Yum! Treat for baby, treat for mama! Everyone is happy!