June 8, 2012

Details A6.02

fly in the house at play clean up lunch organizing cubbies kitchen washing greens chilly

This is the first time since I started this blog six months ago that I have done some writing in advance of when it will post. I often do reflect on pictures from the previous week (as I have this week), but typically I assemble everything day by day. I knew with our trip that I would either need to do it all in advance or skip it entirely and I didn't want to lose all of these little moments.

I decided to go for it and as I type this it is 3:38AM the night (day?) before my morning flight. Yes, perhaps not the wisest to be sleep deprived before major travel with a toddler but I'm pretty good at operating on no sleep and I'm also very stubborn.

As this post makes it's way to you it is Friday and my trip is coming to a close. We are coming home tomorrow morning and I think it will be great timing to get back to Boston Saturday afternoon and have the whole week-end with Big Smith... who we missed a lot (although as I type this he is just in the bedroom sleeping... so I'm going to go join him at least for a couple hours!). Happy week-end and I'm looking forward to sharing our Chicago adventures next week.


  1. Travel safe! I adore those cubbies by the way--

  2. Cute pictures- I still have radish envy! Hope you enjoyed Chicago. I love it there, but then I'm a bit biased. Hope you got some Lou Malnatti's pizza! It's a must in my book, but then even in Chicago we fight over which pizza is best :)

  3. Great series of photos! Loved the peek at your life. :)

  4. Yay! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. i look forward to hearing all about your trip.

    can i ask you what sort of flooring you have under your kitchen table? is it more durable than the usual ABC kids' matting? can you just wipe spills up? we have a (cheapish) mat/rug from IKEA under our table, but it's sort of woven and i'm finding that mashed pumpkin/spewed up formula etc doesn't wipe off...it just gets stuck. gross. so i'm thinking of putting something else underneath...and your mat looks stylish as well as practical!

    1. Thanks- it's actually just typical foam floor mats from greatmats.com. They are more durable than the lighter weight abc one's, I got them in charcoal gray and white and they've been very good at taking abuse. They are on the thick side though so your table will make marks and our chairs work well but heavier wooden chairs I'm guessing would also make marks (like dents in the foam).

  6. Sounds good - can't wait to hear!