December 6, 2011

No Sleep 'Till...

I know sleep is a completely cliche topic when it comes to having little kids and there isn't much left unsaid but I just have to announce that I did not expect to be so completely tired one year into this game. I can't even really blame Little Smith. He's a pretty decent sleeper but he's early to bed and early to rise (as in 5AM- ouch!) and I have a long standing love affair with staying up late and sleeping in. No one sympathizes with me when I tell them I was up until 1am reading on my iPhone and that's why it hurts to wake up but I cannot seem to get to sleep early no matter what I try. Actually my husband (Big Smith) is also a night owl and works long hours so sometimes the only time we get together is after 9PM which is tough.

I'd be a better parent and person if I got more sleep so I have to learn to enforce lights out for myself. In my defense I teach one night a week and don't get home until midnight so that just reinforces my late schedule. I AM S-O-O-O TIRED!

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