October 6, 2014


I've been caught in a holding pattern of falling short for the better part of a year. It's frustrating, confusing, exhausting... surely my plate is no fuller than most, but I just can't seem to empty it. I wonder how other people manage; if I am lazy, or terribly inefficient, or just unskilled. Ultimately I know that's all too harsh, more likely I'm just tired (and maybe that does make me a little more lazy, inefficient, and unskilled than I could be). 

I have learned that fretting over what I haven't accomplished does little to push me forward, so I'm just drawing deep breaths, constantly adjusting my lists and expectations, and taking it one sleepless night at a time. 

I do hope to journal here more frequently (like the good old days!), but for now I am choosing sleep... Sleep, as I have mentioned countless times, does not come easily for me. Baby Roo seems to have inherited my wakefulness... and so while her older brother naps his afternoon away, I try to enforce a quiet time for her. 'Quiet time' for a 14 month old? Yeah, it's going about as smoothly as you might imagine ;)


  1. There´s a time for everything. :-) Such a cutie! :-)

  2. What a twinkle she has in her eye, huh? :) We can't be too hard on ourselves. This time is fleeting, yada yada yada... but it is. To slow down and ease up is the great lesson i think, which is why its so hard to do right? xo

  3. You are not alone in this situation. Sunday evening at 9PM I was thinking how completely unorganised and unefficient I am. After a weekend of continuously running around, only doing household tasks and looking after the kids (3.5yr and 5yr) while my husband was working the whole weekend, I "only" had to cook for the day after (for the kids as I am coming home late on working days and they are hungry after school), iron for the 3rd time in 2 days, clean up the house, preparing my husband's suitcase for an overseas trip, take care of some bank transfers and search for some archived papers... And I'd better prepare some work for my job as 2 busy weeks were coming up. But I was already tired :-(
    With small children it's a ongoing battle. I try not to make lists (anymore) with long-term plans and from experience, I know that it takes me at least double the time than before I had kids so I try not to forget this while making to-do lists per day. Helps to feel a bit better at night...

    Btw, there are to-do things on my list that are there since 5 years (decorating some walls in our house f.e.)...

    Take care !
    Natalie, Belgium

  4. Forgot to add: As ever, your girl is soooooo incredibly cute. I have never ever seen a baby so cute as yours !


    1. Thank you so much Natalie! I so appreciate you sharing your story, and comforted that I'm not the only one with 5 year old items on my list! :)