June 17, 2014



This week he: loved getting 'cozy' in the tent / proved he was a total camping pro, it's his 'fourth' season don't you know / dunked into the reservoir, even though he was really cold / drew a turtle in the sand, his first 'representative' piece / told me a new joke, 'mama why did the lion cross the road... because a pig crossed the road' (followed by insane laughter) / loved playing with kids at his school's camp, I wish it lasted longer than two weeks!

This week she: slept in a tent for the very first time, she had her good nights and her bad, but overall was a trouper / had her first bout of cranky baby, I suspect it's one part overcoming a little illness, and one part coming into her own! / wowed her big brother's pal's at camp, it was sort of the cutest thing I've ever seen to witness a bunch of 3-5 year olds thrilled by a baby / really got moving... and it's keeping her up at night too- we are all very tired!

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