May 9, 2014

Details C5.01

family dinner mixed media little kitchen 6PM light garbage truck sandal season post-planting run licorice lover smooch

I have been staying up way too late each night this week (on the plus side I pulled off 5 posts in as many days... it's been a long time since I met that goal!). I'm groggy most mornings, but the weather has been nothing short of perfect and just being outside for the bulk of the day makes a world of difference. 

WIth so many new outdoor adventures to explore, my cooking has been sliding. Actually it started at the tail end of winter. I was on the brink of losing my mind from too much time inside with frigid temperatures and decided we'd splurge regularly by going out to eat way more often. It's such a budget buster, but man is it fun. I'm trying hard to break the habit, but Little Smith is no help, 'I want to go out to lunch mama, please please please'... and all I can think is, me too! Let's do it!

We finally started our garden, but there is so much more to get done. We're late, even by slow spring standards. I'm hoping the weather cooperates enough to give us some time to make progress this weekend. I was dreaming of a gate, but it doesn't look like this is going to be the year it happens. I always feel pulled to spend Mother's Day getting projects completed rather than chilling. Unless the rain has other ideas, I plan to have my hands buried in soil for this year's festivities.

Hope that all of the mother's out there have a wonderful week-end, I am off to bed with my fingers crossed that I can string together a solid three hour window of slumber. Happy Friday!


  1. I hope you are sleeping right now. :) I too love going out for lunch and dinner. I wanted to go today, but I convinced myself to just cook up a veggie burger. Sad. :( I love that Panda licorice!

    Have a very happy Mother's Day! Jo

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Lilly! Love your Details posts always. We are planning to spend the weekend much the same- with blisters on our hands and dirt up to our knees!

  3. We've been staying up too late, too. It's just so peaceful and sweet at night with just the fella and babes sleeping. :) Happy weekend!

  4. love the smooch picture! just took one today that looks almost identical minus the fabulous bangs. Our plans look pretty much the same, garden, garden and more garden. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. Love the family all dining together. What a gang you've got! Okay, I gotta ask, where is that candelabra from? I've started at for months in various photos... and I'm fearing the answer is I made it!! Thanks, Esther

    1. Thanks Esther! The candlestick holder in the table is actually from Ikea, PS collection. I love that thing and James is not a big fan (although I may have won him over by now ;) But I did make the chandelier, well sort of... I carefully wrapped the existing one with jumbo white pipe cleaners until it was a fluffy masterpiece ;) I was very pregnant at the time and it was supposed to be a temporary fix, but four years later it still makes us smile.