April 2, 2013


a portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013

Fresh air and a bit of a dimple. It's still cold, but there have been a few warmer days sprinkled in and we are seeing buds and tiny flowers beginning to pop. This week-end is our garden clean-up... so I'm pretty determined that it is going to feel like spring. No alternative will be accepted!

part of Jodi's 52 series.

* we took an extended week-end trip to new york which was lots of fun, of course we realized that both our camera batteries were dead so I only have a few pictures from my phone- hopefully some are decent enough to share. i'm running a little behind here, but doing my best to catch up :)


  1. Oh, look at those cheeks! He is so cute. He always looks joyous. :) Jo

  2. Oh. my. dimple. Could this be my favorite picture of him ever?! I think so. So sweet and so happy! I just want to squeeeeze him.

  3. I haven't popped by in a while and it looks like he's grown! And that spring is on its way - just as well .. over here we're hunkering down for winter - I wouldn't have it any other way really, I'm welcoming the cooler temperatures and hanging out for the first snow on the mountains!! Hope you had a happy Easter xx

    1. I'm always excited to welcome winter too, but when you're turning the corner on that sixth month... you are ready for spring! :)

  4. Aaawww he's so cute! Hope you enjoyed your NYC trip! :)

  5. Another wonderful portrait!! Can't wait to hear about your trip to NY-- {phone photos are always acceptable lol}