March 23, 2012


fighting the urge to sleep with the television

I've been restless. I'm still not sleeping. I do not sleep, stringing together a couple of disconnected hours each night for weeks and weeks... or is it months? I think it is months. I had hoped spending some time at my mom's would give me some much needed rest, but even with the geese and birds and the clear country air my sleep wasn't great.

Instead I was pulled to catch up on my cable. We don't have good cable, and you never know when something really important is going to pop up on Bravo in the middle of the night. Even when my sweet husband finally convinced me to go to bed, I woke up again after a few hours and held my iphone in contorted positions trying to pick up some reception in my mother's very un-plugged house.

I had thought that browsing the internet or zoning out in front of the TV was helping keep me from getting too stuck in my head, but I'm starting to think that these glowing screens are actually the bulk of the problem. I've tried teas and vitamins and various remedies... but I haven't tried legitimately unplugging.

I know it seems easy enough to set myself a night without TV or internet, but I've tried and I always cave... or I get wrapped up in a book or a project that it even more captivating. I don't know how to meditate and it's too early for a family camping trip... and I'm tired. I look tired and just don't feel sharp.

Here's my plan for today; get outside and do as much manual labor on the garden as the kid allows, give myself one hour of internet/TV tonight once Little S is in bed (the husband is going to work late), and then I'm cut off. No screens, no projects... just some music and a few chores. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. i'm sorry to hear this. i don't sleep well either because of my nursing baby. after a while you start to loose it mentally :0

    i've read that you should give yourself an hour of no tv/internet before bed. some other sleep tips i've found to be helpful are sleeping in complete darkness, not making your room overly warm, unplug electrical devices and journaling before bed. another tip that's kinda interesting is, if you need to use the restroom in the middle of the night avoid turning on lights. once you've turned a light on your body has to start all over in going back to sleep.

    i hope that maybe one of those helps :) good luck and sweet dreams!

  2. It's amazing how great you look without sleep! I hope the gardening helps.. I always find that being outdoors really helps.
    Here's a good, easy meditation you could try:

  3. I feel for you but have no advice. I tend to sleep decently, but when I do have issues, a book late at night usually gets me drowsy. On a random note, that first picture of you, and that fresh smile is gorgeous. You are such a beauty.

    Good luck, friend.

  4. Wow! Your skin is flawless and you look great without sleep! Jealous!! I think unplugging will help tons but it will not be easy at first. Do you workout? My body will not allow me to sleep if I don't do some sort of physical activity throughout the day. But if I workout too late in the day, then I can't sleep...

  5. You are gorgeous.

    I struggle with anxiety for a year after my little ones are born... which also equates poor sleep. But I find that no screen time for 2 hours before bedtime, plus a little light reading really does help. Also, I think you are on the right track with manual labor! That always helps me feel exhausted enough for good rest. Good luck! I am addicted to the internet, so I can totally relate!

  6. You are so pretty, even without sleep! It's unfortunate that you are an adult neversleeper though. I hope you find the rest you need soon.

  7. Thanks to everyone for all of the great tips! So appreciated and I'll be trying them out for sure. Also thanks for the compliments... must be the dim lighting but I'll take 'em :) I'm officially in my hour of "media" btw so it's okay that I'm writing this!

  8. I understand how hard it can be to just turn the darn laptop off! And t.v? Don't get me started. I'm totally addicted. I associate watching t.v. or browsing around my fave sites as 'down time' once the boys are asleep but yes, I think that it's secretly stimulating to the ol' brain. Darn it. I wish you good luck - I know not being well rested is not fun at all - but you'll get there!


  9. I understand! I often have trouble myself. And whether I am watching TV or reading a good book, it doesn't always help me fall asleep! Maybe set that time--two hours before bed? Hot tea in hand?

  10. You look beautiful, but I know how frustrating and just plain tiresome not getting good sleep can be. My heart goes out to you, Lilly. I really struggled with insomnia after Ezra was born even after he was sleeping for good stretches through the night. There's nothing worse than being desperately tired and not being able to turn your brain off and I think that media overload normally just fuels the fire. I still struggle with patches of sleeplessness occasionally and have found that a lot of what you are trying usually works for me. More physicality during the day and unplugging (if I can pry myself away) at night have definitely helped me. Sending lots of sleepy and restful thoughts your way!

  11. hi - i'm sorry to hear about your sleep troubles. i am so so the same way and i love me my tv shows too but mostly the fact that i can zone out for a little while.

    your photos are gorgeous as always. i hope your restfulness returns to you soon. we all know you deserve it!