January 5, 2012

Baby to Toddler

I had been thinking that this guy was going to boycott walking as long as possible. He has the fastest (and I think cutest) little crawl around. He's taken a couple of steps here and there but really sporadically and always almost by accident. Then today all of a sudden he just started toddling. Of course he's wobbly and falling but you can stand him up and he'll start to walk on cue! He's officially leaving the world of the babies but he still has his gummy smile.

toddling - yes I know it's sideways


  1. How exciting! Good job, Little Smith!

    I completely understand about the posting. I'm the exact same way- I have an idea about how I want something to be, but when is there the time to actually compose it? Ha!

  2. Walking is such an exciting milestone. I remember being so proud of my little one until he started banging his head into everything around! Good luck.