March 10, 2016

Not-Such-A-Winter's Respite

Every year I look forward to a late winter planting project. Some hint of green to brighten the tale end of our dark days and pull us through until spring. Winter in new england is a difficult season, full of extra burdens and responsibilities and expenses, and while I love the slower pace and the focus inward, March typically finds me desperate for relief.

This year has been so mild and snowless that I have to admit not feeling that usual stir-crazy-desperate-for-spring-and-earth-and-buds mania. The buds are coming, and I rub my eyes and shake the feeling that it's all just too soon. Surely there must be another month or two of blizzards and icy driveways before we earn these longer days and softening soils. 

We'll see what the next few weeks have in store, but at the moment it's open windows and t-shirts and a feeling that winter is behind us. It's weird, but I'm not complaining. 

Despite a winter that hardly warrants the name, the kids threw some beans into soil a few weeks ago, and have been delighting in watching them grow. It's such foolproof fun,  two year old Roo planted her's entirely without direction, and Smith is an old pro. They water them on their own, I don't worry if the leaves get pinched or pulled (like our poor jade and aloe plants!). We may not need relief from this wimpy winter, but we're happy to foreshadow the long green filled days ahead. 

Winter planting through the ages... well okay, just 2014 and 2012... but I do love a good annual tradition!


  1. What a lovely idea - there's nothing like the satisfaction of watching something grow. And I always love when the seasons change and we are having the opposite to you - days are shortening, leaves are beginning to change colour... x

  2. What a great idea! I love beans for this very reason -- you can see the daily growth, which is so good for little kids. And yes, it's full-blown spring here too. I cannot believe we have daffodils and tulips already. So crazy!