February 12, 2016

The Groove

Look at this! One post after another. I think this is called 'blogging'... although I did start out 2015 with fire, only to have the most flagging year yet. Still, I'm not going to let that bit of history get me down. This is happening people, you wait and see! ;)

It was a good week overall, we hung shelves in the bathroom, which has me freshly motivated get back to all of the house projects that have been on perpetual hold. We did a bit of cooking and baking and painting Valentines for Smith's preschool class (I took pictures and can't wait to share. It's always one of my favorite projects). There are also a few big 'things' that are up in the air for our family right now, one of which is our faithful Kitty's health. I don't know enough yet to even summarize, but I'm hoping for the best (behind these puffy eyes that are always preparing for the worst). 

We got Kitty at the tippy beginning of James's and my love affair, and she really feels like the first piece in our becoming a family. She was super feisty in her younger years, and when Smith was a tiny baby she actually scratched his face pretty badly. I remember the pediatrician suggesting we get rid of her, and while that wasn't an option, I spent the better part of a year obsessively latching doors in our old house to ensure the baby and the cat were separated at all times. Then he learned to walk. And pull tales... and the tables turned, real quick!

These days Kitty has truly mellowed, and I'm amazed by how well she tolerates Roo wrapping her up in an overzealous hug to start every single day. These kids love that cat beyond measure. I'm hoping they will torture her with affection for many years to come.

I am looking forward to a quiet week-end, and to my favorite holiday! Chocolate and flowers get such a bad wrap for being cliche, when it should be obvious that they are perfection, squared. Wishing each of you a sweet celebration. It's fun to have any excuse to give an extra hug and kiss to loved ones, human and animal alike :)



  1. Maple leaf birds nests (fried egg in bread) - my dad used to make those for us when we had school holidays. That brought back some memories, though our ones were just circle shapes made from an upside down glass. I hope that it's good news in terms of Kitty's health, fingers crossed. xxx

    1. Yes! I call them 'birds in a nest', and these maple leaf versions were a fancy twist for us as well :) My mom always made them, and my babes love them too.

  2. The toy shelf self-portrait! Excellence!

    1. Ha, thanks Adah. That's the iPhone for you, I sometimes think I take more interesting photos with my phone these days :)


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