January 6, 2016

The Slow Day After

This year I decided that my favorite holiday is the day after Christmas day. It's far too rare that we are all together, as a family, home, and not compelled to tackle projects. No pressure, just an easy and slow day to ourselves. It was especially sweet for the kids to get some time to chill out with James. He works hard long hours, and so often on the week-ends they still revert to wanting me for every stubbed toe or nose wipe. This vacation they were really able to settle in and rely on daddy, fulfilling for him (and a hugely needed relief for me!).

I look back on the 'cabin fever' of last winter, with the record breaking snow and days and days spent spinning our wheels at home... and truthfully I really crave some of that right now. It feels like we've been running in circles since last year's snow thawed, and I am crossing my fingers for another big winter of quiet to find us. We are ready for you snow!

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  1. It's so true that some of that being snowed in really forces us to slow down. It's good for the soul! I'm ready for it too, Lilly!


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