January 20, 2016

A New Year

I'm not sure if I am already setting a tone for this new year by finally addressing it as January draws to a close, by I am really hoping for a more even pace in 2016. Last year was great for our family, but exhausting. We accomplished virtually nothing on my list of resolutions... really, not one! 2015 was full of unexpected twists and blessings, and now I'm cozying up for 12 months of peace and quiet (maybe?). Probably not given a few changes that are already underway, but denial works for me, now and again.

My biggest goal this year is to 'work on myself'. My eyes automatically roll as I type that. I've put on a lot of weight in the two years since having Roo, and this past year was particularly unhealthy. I have never thought much about or struggled with weight, and it's a very strange thing to feel out of sync with your own body. I also need to finally even out my sleep issues, get back to cooking, not wear my hair in a bun every single day, and overhaul my clothes (although I will say that I did a pretty decent job of editing when we moved, and my closet is now very streamlined. Just not all that inspiring). I always cringe when I hear the advice for mothers to 'do for themselves'... but I've reached the point where I am going to try, cringes and all.

I have a million goals for our house, our garden, our work, our family... but I am going to keep those off record and just see how it all falls. I'm either getting lazier, smarter, or more realistic, but I have given up planning too far in advance. 

Welcome 2016, may you be delightfully boring!


  1. Wishing for boring is a good thing, especially when it is preceded by a very eventful, dramatic year! I love all of your photos, Lilly. Your house looks lovely (and those paper whites in your kitchen window are insane!). The whole "working on oneself" thing is always eye-rolling when you have little kids, because it is so hard! It has only been in the past year, after having months and months of time to myself while the kids are in school that I've been able to take that one seriously. But it IS so important! I'm more present with them now, more productive with time management, happier, blah blah blah. It's just a timing issue. You're so close! :)

    P.s. -- I think you look beautiful. So, if you've gained weight in any way, it certainly doesn't show.

  2. Pee-wee Herman and fondue for dinner? Someone is teaching those kids right.

    I have been feeling the same about myself lately. My baby is 5 months old, and while I'm not concerned about my weight (I learned to let that go after some dangerous habits I formed in high school were harming my health), it's so easy to forget to take care of yourself, even on a basic level. I have been so focused on eating when I can, that I haven't been eating very mindfully -- last night I dipped some pretzels in almond butter for dinner because I was too tired to cook, which wouldn't have been that big of a deal if I had eaten any fruit or vegetables all day. I'm still getting used to how much planning everything takes with kids! I can't wait to see you achieve your goals!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! And with a 5 month old, even some pretzels in almond butter can feel like an accomplishment! That first year is so rough. My youngest is 2.5 and I still haven't worked out how to take care of myself ;)


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