December 9, 2015


I still can't believe that this boy is five. He has changed so much in the last year, growing in confidence and humor and size, but he is also very much the same child we welcomed into our lives more than five years ago. He's sensitive and thoughtful, he has close friends at school, but will still spend a good portion of his day off on his own, poking the ground with a stick and collecting leaves and pine cones. His current obsession is sea creatures (I swear it was prompted by my own distaste for the ocean... rebellion already?!?), he can turn any ball of yarn into a colossal squid and will talk about sharks for hours. I remember when it was butterflies, then trains (that one lasted years!), then superheroes... he throws himself into every new interest with wild enthusiasm and focus. He is serious, but also as silly as any five year old, poop humor never loses its lustre with this kid. 

This year, his birthday fell on the day before Thanksgiving. James and I stayed up late the night before, inflating balloons and baking cake to bring to his classroom. He woke up early and we all ate pancakes and opened a few gifts before heading to school for a little celebration. We were slightly overwhelmed with packing to visit family the next day (and baking two pies to bring along!), so we ordered his beloved sushi for dinner and put candles on the quarter of a cake leftover from his classmates. Roo wished him a happy birthday at least fifty times, and documented the occasion with her own toy camera. It was an exceptionally low key birthday, perfect for our low key boy (who later cried and hid both times he was serenaded with happy birthday by larger groups... way too much attention for his taste!).

We love you so much buggy. You are my favorite boy, and it's such a joy to live this life with you everyday. Five wild, wonderful, challenging, and fast years!

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  1. Happy Birthday, W! I am so honored to have watched from afar as you have grown! Love from St. Louis!

  2. Wish i had a cuties just like yours. Happy birthday.

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