July 28, 2015

Before Bed

I rarely bathe my kids. It might be laziness or a pseudo-hippie affection for funk (my own showering schedule is a little suspect!), but that window between dinner and bedtime is always such a chore that a bath is the last thing on my list. Instead, I fill that hour by getting outside. In the past we've loved walks around the block, collecting rocks and leaves, but now that we have a newly fenced tiny little yard of our very own, I can simply turn them loose. What a revelation! It may not be the fields and streams and forests of my own childhood adventures, but a hose bib and a few square feet of turf is plenty to save all our sanity at the end of a long day.

P.S. I know it's crazy how big these kids are. Where did my babies go?!


  1. The second picture sums up my evenings! One is annoyed that the other is doing something they find annoying.

    PS Bathing is overrated ;)

    1. That's how it goes here too Alma! Everything is great one minute, the next one is torturing the other... sigh ;)


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