January 27, 2015

Snow On Snow

All of those frowning faces over the lack of snow, and Little Smith's daily refrain of, 'it's almost winter', as he points to  our frozen brown lawn, are in the past. We have most certainly received our snow (a few feet in fact), and winter is upon us! A snow day is always such a treat. James is a workaholic who requires a natural disaster to ever take a day off, and so it was particularly exciting to have him home today, shoveling our driveway endlessly. 

Snow is a lot of work of course, and the kids have been especially challenging and stir crazy, it's exhausting to get them in and out of the house for a little play time... but it's also the best kind of fun. I always feel like a little kid myself when I get to make some fresh footprints, I can't imagine a winter without that kind of simple thrill.

We're hoping that this evening finds you safe and warm. Welcome winter 2015, you're a mighty pretty sight.


  1. So glad to see you are all safe and enjoying the snow!!

  2. I was just thinking about how you guys were holding up — I love that it takes a natural disaster for J to stay home… enjoy the family time! And wow, that is a LOT of snow.

  3. I know it's exhausting to get them all bundled up and ready, but those sweet pics make me miss the snowsuit days!


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