December 14, 2014

A Tree

With the semester sprinting to a finish, James's relentless work schedule, and my general displeasure for many things holiday... life has been crazy around here. Last week I felt like everything was ramping up, and was bracing myself for the inevitable implosion; final reviews for the studio I teach, serving as a guest juror on a few other reviews, several late nights of social and work related engagements for James, zero interest or success in purchasing a single Christmas gift, various family pressures and woes, Little Smith's new found anxiety surrounding school, Roo's new molars cutting through and robbing us all of sleep, miscommunication (or no communication!) between James and I leading to numerous frustrations, the cat routinely yowling and vomiting on our bed at 4AM sharp... I reached my breaking point and found that I just had to keep bending, because that bottom was yet to come.

And then, mercifully!, the crashing low that I was bracing myself for never did hit. Instead we seem to be on a slow and steady rise back to 'normal'. I finished up with my class, Baby Roo took a few great naps and I got to spend a little quality one on one time with my favorite four year old, which seems to have eased at least some of his tension... plus I introduced him to Superman, and there is just far less room for whining when your mind is totally blown!

We had a quiet weekend, breakfast in bed, Christmas shopping in Harvard Square, and getting things done around the house. Roo decided to be daddy's girl (a welcome break for this mama) and Little Smith stayed up late with us, drinking sparkling cider by the fire and playing his favorite board game, Wildcraft. We all laughed so loud, I was certain we would wake the baby. 

We decorated the tree and made gingerbread cookies shaped like acorns and leaves. Little Smith talked our ears off about the magic of Santa. I loaded up my Amazon and Etsy carts and crossed several gifts off my list. James did mountains of laundry, and we discovered that we actually do own socks and underwear. It was all sublimely uneventful, and much much needed.

Our holiday frenzy of travel is just beginning, and I know we are more likely in the eye of the storm than legitimately through it. Still, I feel more prepared to face the chaos having enjoyed a few days of quiet. There is nothing like closing the chapter on a crappy week (or two) to make you really appreciate a man that gives you clean socks, kids that make you laugh, and just enough sparkly lights to cast a glow.


  1. I feel ya! No toddlers, but I've had a rash of petulant teen lately that combined with my over aspirational to do list, various pet dramas and finals week had me pulling my hair out. I think I need a day to just breathe (and WOOT for online shopping)!
    On a sidenote-- love the deadhead sticker. I actually spent far more time that I'd ever admit to my kids following the Dead around California in my late teen summers.

  2. That is beautifully put. You captured the chaos leading up to the holidays nicely. I am glad things are calming down for you. I feel a bit stressed about not having purchased MOST of the gifts I need to get. Not sure why I keep doing this... (BTW, I love how they market "Charlie Brown trees." So funny.)

  3. Oh, man! Glad to hear you are on the upswing of things! The holidays can be so crazy!