November 21, 2014

Just Do It

My grandmother always used to say, 'if you want something done right, do it yourself'. I never want that expression to prove true, but it usually seems to be dead on. I have struggled to delegate throughout most of my personal and professional life. I rarely seek or accept help, and I suspect in part that's about self consciously not wanting to inconvenience anyone else, but in much larger part, it's about an arrogance in assuming that only I am capable of getting everything accomplished correctly. 

Slowly, over the past couple of years, I have been trying to farm out some of my responsibilities. It was slightly painful to relinquish fall planting to James and Little Smith for the second year in a row. This past spring, I scratched my head as I watched garlic push up in odd places throughout our garden... because why there... and why just a few bulbs over there? I was determined to step in and correct those mistakes this year, but when I realized there was just too much on my plate and the ground would soon be frozen, I determined done should trump done right

I am looking forward to the surprise of seeing where those sprouts spring up next season. From what I can piece together through the pictures, it should be interesting! :)

*Little Smith's first year planting garlic (he was younger than baby Roo!) here.


  1. You make me wish I had a greener thumb...such a great way to instill a love of living things with the little ones!

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful. They have me craving a return to fall. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but now I would happily relinquish any home-related duties (cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping - it's all up for grabs)! ;) Jo