October 20, 2014


We woke this morning to chilly toes and the smell of winter in the air. The kids drew pictures on the frost covered glass while the sun rose, and I dug out my heavy sweaters and noted only four pairs of socks free of holes. Another shift on the way; always a reminder of the bittersweet passing of time, yet also the promise of a clean slate and fresh possibilities. I wonder how I would find any rhythm if I lived somewhere without such distinct seasons. The weather provides so much of my life's structure, it's the datum against which I measure every move and change. 

We've been celebrating a warm October, with all the freedom and ease that 70 degree days bring... but this new cold does feel just about right. I needed the slower pace; dark evenings spent reading, working, and cooking, instead of capturing every last minute of daylight, scraping together careless meals, and then racing to make bedtime. I'm hoping the children feel the change as well, and stay cozy in their beds just a little longer so we can all get some more sleep. Wishful thinking!


  1. Your pictures are so beautiful...almost makes me admire the frost. Almost. I love sweaters and warm socks and cozy evenings too. I just want a longer summer and a shorter winter. In other words, I think I would be lost without the changing seasons, but I want to control their duration... ;) Jo

  2. Adore these pictures! How beautiful are those little hand prints on the frosty glass?!

    I think it's so true -- that we live so furiously when the weather is warmer, and that with the cool air brings a slowness we all need. I am looking forward to slowing down too, and the cool evenings and mornings are just the thing. Plus, doesn't coffee just taste so much better when it's cold out?

  3. Good luck on the sleeping later part (you never now, it could help!). Having grown up in an area without distinct seasons, then moving to an area with very dramatic seasonal changes, I prefer the seasons hands down-- it does seem to mark the year with each season having its own unique rhythm and style. Just lovely!