September 21, 2014

36/52 + 37/52


Last week he: started getting all excited for fall, especially for his new flannel shirt / impressed his speech teacher with how much he improved over the summer, so so proud of him / told me he wanted to comb his hair before school so that it was nice and fat (fat? yes, he assured me that's what he means. who knows!) / proclaimed that when he grows up he is going to be a train conductor, but sometimes he is going to be a pumpkin.

Last week she: started (mostly) napping in her crib in the same room with her brother. it's part of a sleep reform we are attempting... and she isn't happy about it, but she's doing pretty well / gave lots of snuggles and hugs, she leans in with her head and it just makes you want to melt / screamed like crazy whenever she didn't get her way. she just keeps getting more stubborn and feisty, I am holding my breath for when this toddlerhood really takes off. 


This week he: got a clock that glows green when he is allowed to wake up (at 6AM). He anxiously awaits its glow each morning / learned to eat popcorn in this very elegant manner from his school friend, Henry. Cracks him up every time (although he has been showing me at home with cherry tomatoes in lieu of popcorn) / loved eating at Daedalus on the roof deck and calling all the sparrows / had some trouble listening, he's getting a little wild these days- well, wild for him at least / picked and ate a boatload of apples, totally worth the bellyache.

This week she: loved listening to live music in Harvard Square and started dancing / found herself a box of black licorice (prized in this house) and stuffed as much as possible in her mouth before she was found out / ate everything she could get her hands on in the garden; green tomatoes, leaves, sunflower seeds... I couldn't keep up / loved playing dress up with her big brother's boots or her mama's sweater, she is just delighted with herself and it's crazy sweet.


  1. I do feel that part time pumpkining is a wise idea! You have the most precious children!!

  2. They are so sweet. Love those little-boy eyelashes!


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