September 14, 2014

35/52 Bittersweet September


This week he: had his first day back to preschool with zero tears. he did quietly say that his favorite part was when I picked him up, but I'm thinking he will warm right up to it / rode his scooter all over town, I kept thinking he was going to need a break and start whining, but he just kept keeping on / had a lot of trouble sharing with his sister, everything she picks up suddenly looks twice as intriguing. we have never really done time-outs, but we do need to establish some consequences (no fun!) / told me everyday that I look beautiful, he won't say who put him up to it... but it's working for me ;)

This week she: was sooo sad to have her big brother leave her a few mornings for school. it's hilarious that he doesn't cry anymore, but she wails as I drag her away / got a cradle for her babies and loves rocking and feeding them / started sticking her fingers up her nose (it's so gross, why? and how to get her to stop? I think she is going to hurt herself) / keeps waking up too early, I'm just assuming it's going to last until she reaches an age of reason :( / started to learn how to be 'gentle' with the kitty. we are trying cat, honest. 


The start of this school year has been a big shift for us. When Little Smith was a baby, I loved that unlike everyone else, our August rolled seamlessly right into September. True, the mornings were cooler and the sun sets crept earlier, but our days were still filled with sandals and freedom. Now that Little Smith is in preschool three mornings a week, has speech therapy the other two week days, and I am teaching two evenings a week (with lots more prep involved), all of those old familiar September sentiments have returned. I'm feeling anxious, sad to have less time with my boy and more structure to our days, overwhelmed by my own workload, excited to have some one-on-one time with my baby, challenged by a bigger commitment to teaching and some small design projects, proud of how our little guy is growing and becoming more independent... so yeah, I'm doing a lot of feeling.

It's been so funny to see baby Roo try to navigate a few mornings without her constant sidekick. Having been an only child myself, I often watch my little girl and marvel at how much influence having a big brother has already had on her personality. She is just heartbroken to say goodbye to him, and walks around looking for him in all his usual hideouts when we're home. She also does relish having a little free reign over his trains, you can not imagine her glee. 

All this change does feel good, but it's a bit the way that drinking wheatgrass feels good... it's the right thing for us, it's healthy, these are positive and natural steps... it just doesn't taste all that sweet to me. But I'm getting there, and I figure I still have the second half of September to warm up to the month. 


  1. That's so adorable that little Roo misses her big bro'. Don't worry too much about the fingers up the nose. My boy used to chew gum off the ground!! That was painful to this mother's heart. ;) I feel that September is bittersweet too. I am enjoying the time alone to get back into my work routine, but I can't believe my kids are in grades 5 and 7. So freaky. And I can't comprehend doing another winter like last year. Soooo long.

    1. Winter is far too long, it hasn't even started and I can feel the blues. I might like school better if I actually did get time alone... currently it's just one more thing to interrupt naps and shuffle into our schedule (but as always, I will miss this when they're all in grade school!).

  2. Her hair is beautiful and do I detect a tad of auburn?! Very fitting with a name like Ruby. XO.

    1. She has a little mullet going, and it is kind of strawberryish! We'll see? :)


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